Het Warenhuis introduces: THE LEASE BIKE


LeasefietsThe lease bike is ideal for people who stay in Leiden temporarily and want to move around freely on THE national means of transportation in the Netherlands: the bike.

The lease bikes are safe, have a basic lock and are functional.

How does it work?

You stop by our bicycle shop on the Willem Barentszstraat 20 in Leiden. You pay € 50,-- for one year unlimited use of the bike and an additional € 50,-- security. When you bring back the bike the € 50,-- will be refunded.

Feel free to use the bike in a normal manner in student city Leiden. Don't worry about a little scratch or dent. All repairs due to normal use are free during the lease period.

U lose your € 50,-- security when you don't return the bike or when it is stolen.

Please come by for more information or to lease a bike immediately.

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